Monday, September 21, 2009

Tiffanyʼs Blog Entry #3: Down with the carbohydrate restrictions!

This week we began the heavy stuff. Carbohydrates. This is where we begin to struggle. We have now ventured into carb counting country. And not for the reason that you think either. We are definitely NOT trying to restrict them, we are trying to make sure that the girls are getting enough. Hah! Got you there, didnʼt I? Not quite the answer you were thinking?
For athletes, carbohydrates are insanely important. Remember what I said last week about carbohydrates being the primary fuel source for exercise? Athletes are constantly burning up all their muscle glycogen and that will result in heavy legs, no power and no endurance. Well, we wanted to make sure that the girls knew exactly how much carbohydrate they were consuming in order to make sure they were always operating at a full tank. The girls need to know how much to consume for pre-workout AND post-workout. It can be quite a daunting task to try to figure this out. So, we provided the girls with some tools that will help them do this. Using some simple calculations and being realistic about what they would actually eat, they were able to figure out the grams of carbs that are necessary to keep them on top of their game.

The toughest test will be the week-end. They are playing three games in three days and traveling to boot. Hopefully, they would have processed some of this information and will refuel well. This is also where I step in. I have prepared a grocery list and have planned their snacks down to the minutes. After some juggling, I was able to compose a schedule that would allow them the proper amount of carbs at the right times. Hope it works!

Carbohydrates are our new best friend. Forget that high protein, low carb diet. Eat that potato.

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