Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tiffanyʼs Blog Entry #4 - Smoothie Sailing

Time is running away from me! I am now more than halfway done my sports nutrition rotation....I donʼt even want to think about it - it makes me feel depressed! Iʼm really starting to get to know the girls and how things are working for the team so I really feel like I need to see them through the whole season. Hey! Iʼm part of the team now! Iʼm in the team photo and I even had a head shot done (woot woot!).

In all seriousness though, the girls came back from a grueling 3 game week-end doing not too terribly. They ate the right things at the right times and despite a few hiccups with the post game meals - their eating went well. Of course, this was also an experimental week-end; the time to figure out during a game situation what works and what doesnʼt. Snacks in between periods, gatorade on the bench, etc - what helped them perform to 100% for 100% of the game? I think a lot of the girls learned quite a bit about themselves and how they react to proper fueling. Sunday being the biggest test of all - if they didnʼt refuel properly the night before, they were going to feel terrible for Sundayʼs game. Happily, I learned that many of them felt pretty good, so I think we are on the right track!

For this weekʼs get together, we had a bit more of an informal one. We had a smoothie night! Using some magic bullets, we separated into groups and made smoothies for different occasions! The girls were in charge of making them, tasting them and explaining to the entire team when would be the best time to have the smoothie (pre-workout, post-workout, etc) and why. As a bonus, I whipped up a black bean and roasted pepper dip to illustrate that healthy snacks do NOT have to take a lot of time. And also to prove to a few wrinkled up noses that a bean dip is very tasty (and not gross, like a lot of them feared!). Legumes are something we like to encourage them to try in general because they are a good carbohydrate source and can also be used as a meat alternative (when paired with other foods). We always talk about hummus so it was nice to have something similar but different. Before we packed up for the evening, I wanted to make sure the girls understood the point of this exercise. I had the groups create their own recipes for the magic bullet (some were smoothies, some were not) and explain when would be the best time to enjoy them. I was super glad to see that they have been paying attention and listening these past few weeks. Sniff...it makes me feel like a proud mother!

Stay tuned for next weekʼs adventure!

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