Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tiffanyʼs Blog Entry #5 - Itʼs Crunch Time

Crunch time is right! After several weeks of working with the Carleton womenʼs hockey team and doing presentations for other various groups the time has come to......DOCUMENT!!!! I have to prepare reports on everything I have done so far and I wonʼt lie - itʼs a little daunting. I have worked with so many athletes in the past 5 weeks that I have accumulated quite a bit of information. I have done presentations for a high school, gymnastics club and for health professionals as well, which I also must report on. Most importantly, because this is a pilot sports nutrition program, I must develop documentation so that if someone else were to expand the program, they would have somewhere to work from. There is a lot of valuable information that can extend to other teams - which I hope will be used! Given what Iʼve seen so far, Iʼm positive that other teams need some help in the nutrition department. I know I was a stickler for good nutrition beforehand, but now I actually cringe if I donʼt see athletes hydrating or fueling properly. These past few weeks have definitely made me really aware of the habits that will affect an athleteʼs performance. I donʼt think I can go back to turning a blind eye anymore! Watch out Montreal! When Iʼm back, Iʼm gonna mean business!


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